Show that you are something special!

What is the element and the origin of any successful catering or bar? To be unique. To be different. Innovations not only to understand, but show off and live. We want to provide you with our Ice Chiller available. A product that does not exist in this form in Germany. An advertising medium that can not be unique and special.

Be the first icy Chiller!

Germ-free glasses you presupposes in a restaurant, a bar or in the hotel industry. But what if you think ahead and continue this factor revolutionary? Imagine, serve only in icy -38 degrees to glasses wearing your logo? The Ice Chiller allows aseptic and hygienic freezing in just 15 seconds. That’s not all: On the icing your guests and they will be impressed. A wow factor that you have to see. The Ice Chiller impresses with its high-quality appearance, featuring a unique icing procedure and an inviting illumination.

Marketing, advertising and sales increase with only one product!

Stay in the memory of your guests and contacts. The Ice Chiller can either be made directly to the scene, or be easily integrated into a table surface. Take marketing effect and Branden your personal Ice Chiller immediately with your claim, your logo or your brand image.

They are event manager, restaurateur, beverage wholesale or distributor? You want something completely new? Then take on the contact us.
We look forward to your inquiry and answer any questions you may have.